North Miami Beach, Florida

The project consists of a new stand-alone high school located at FIU’s Biscayne Campus. The Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) serves both M-DCPS and FIU enrolled students and has a curriculum focusing on marine studies. The program includes administrative offices, classrooms and open instructional support spaces, multi-purpose rooms, student presentation rooms, an open showcase space/outdoor dining overlooking a pond, cafeteria and indoor environmental labs which house marine specimens in special aquatic tanks and specialty science classrooms and laboratories.

The 3-story building has a gross area of approximately 50,800 S.F. and includes staff parking, food service loading area and an outdoor classroom with equipment storage. There are numerous laboratories including fume hoods and specialty sinks. The site development also includes a “wet-retention” area that collects rainwater discharge and will replicate the Everglades Eco system and will be used as part of the curriculum’s teaching environment. The collaborative project between M-DCPS and FIU satisfies the most stringent of specifications and criteria of each institution and has an architectural vocabulary commensurate with the campus.

Photo Credits: Florida Lemark Corp.

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