Southside Elementary School

Miami Florida

New 4-story classroom building with an area of approximately 111,000 S.F. to accommodate 29
classrooms and a new utility building to serve the entire campus, including a chilled water distribution system. The educational component includes traditional classrooms, teaching labs,
exhibit spaces, and libraries. The project site, located in downtown Miami was extremely tight to accommodate all of the required programs, which in addition to the educational activities included an outdoor recreational area on an elevated deck and an underground parking garage. The new building is located directly adjacent to two historical buildings, the first two educational buildings erected by the Board. Accordingly, the new building respected the architectural vocabulary,
material selection, detailing, etc. of the historical buildings. The project was featured on the cover of an influential magazine. Other improvements consisted of selective architectural and M-E-P
enhancements to the existing buildings. Several grades were temporarily relocated to another school during construction. However, the campus remained occupied and operational during the construction of the new building with certain construction-intensive activities, such as the excavation for the underground parking, performed during the summer recess.

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