Our services and expertise are backed up by years of experience in the field

Design services


An experienced staff with a diverse portfolio of project types, and the recipient of multiple awards for design excellence. A collaborative approach to assure project success on all levels and aspects. Driven to deliver and satisfy the needs of its clients.

Interior Design

Spaces designed to foster and enhance human experience with purpose and meaning, exceeding pragmatic expectations. Problem solving design that are efficient and incorporate sustainability principles. Designing spaces to satisfy ever evolving and changing client’s needs.


Planning which promotes environmentally responsible and sustainable growth, while in compliance with municipal codes and client needs to develop a comprehensive land-use strategy.


Plumbing Engineering

Plumbing engineering capabilities for a wide range of project types, including potable water filtration, compressed air, research & development, industrial and manufacturing processing systems and specialty gases distribution.

Civil Engineering

WA provides its clients with expertise in site development, feasibility studies, utilities assessment and acquisition studies, site/civil engineering design, and permitting and permitting assistance. Our civil engineering experience covers the complete development process, beginning at the concept stage.

Mechanical Engineering

Expertise in the design of cooling systems, including Dx, VRV and chilled water. Experience in the design of control and exhaust of hazardous gases, clean rooms, systems to mitigate the spread of contagious diseases. An integral contributor to resiliency component designs.

Electrical Engineering

Responsible for the design of electrical systems including power, lighting, emergency power, fire alarm and lighting protection systems for a diverse portfolio of project types. Projects include ordinary occupancy buildings, facilities requiring full power independency from the utility company to Emergency Operation Centers and other critical operation facilities such as fire and police stations, utility hubs and I.T. centers. An integral contributor to resiliency component designs.



Our specialized sustainability project teams are experienced in integrated planning and building processes, utilizing the most effective techniques and technologies. All of the firm’s projects go through a rigorous sustainability auditing process; even for projects not soliciting formal accreditation.